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Happy Trails!

Palmetto Island State Park, Abbeville, LA

Palmetto Island was a brief stop for us between San Antonio, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a new park and hardly anyone else was there when we were. Its started to pour just as we were arriving and the first thing we saw were wild pigs running around! So between the dense foliage that made it seem very dark, the pouring rain and the wild pigs, we were a little spooked at first. But the rain let up and we spent a lovely afternoon relaxing in the gazebo by the lagoon.

The park had excellent laundry facilities - and they were free! That was a first! There is also a water park and research facilities, but they weren't open during our short stay.

This park is very different. You feel like you are in the jungle because of the all the bird sounds and the lush flora and fauna. The flowers on the trees were HUGE and the whole place kind of felt like the island in LOST.

Relaxing in the gazebo by the lagoon


Wild piggies

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  1. Hi, J.R. and Melissa,
    In searching for photos of Abbyville, Louisiana, the Escapees magazine’s graphics department ran across your blog. We would like your permission to include the photo of the gazebo reflecting in the lagoon, as a highlight on the “Day’s End” column, in the January/February 2016 issue, in exchange for a credit to your blog site.
    If you agree to these terms, please send a high-resolution copy of the photo as an e-mail attachment to graphics@escapees.com.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon, and best wishes for safe and happy travels.


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