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Happy Trails!

San Antonio, Texas

Our first major stop after leaving Santa Fe was San Antonio, Texas. Dick lived there in the early 1960's, when he was still in the Air Force, and he always wanted to go back.

We spent a wonderful week there, enjoying the sights and the food. We stayed at the Traveler's World RV Resort, which is part of the Carefree RV Resorts. It's just five miles from the Riverwalk and downtown, and a straight shot to get there.

In San Antonio, we especially loved:

The Riverwalk
The Missions
The Alamo
The Japanese Tea Garden


This is a very beautiful and moving place. Moving, because it was owned and lived in for many years by a Japanese family. But when WWII started, they were sent to an interment camp and never able to return. Not long ago, the garden became a public park, and one of the daughters - in her 80's by then - came to the dedication. It was a very emotional occasion, as you can imagine. This is one of my favorite stops of our whole time on the road.

This first picture shows the two little girls who lived here with their parents before WWII changed everything. The date on the picture is 1931.

 I couldn't resist doing tree pose in the pagoda.

Dick does tree pose, in his own unique way. He says it's a Saguaro Pose.


The Alamo

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