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Happy Trails!

Spanish Point, Osprey, Florida

A friend recommended that we check out Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida on Sarasota Bay, and we're so glad we did!
Located just south of Sarasota and north of Venice, Florida, Spanish Point is a special place that combines a beautiful setting with lots of history. Easy walking trails meander along the bay, through lush tropical landscape, over a footbridge, past a gorgeous sunken garden, and bring you to several pioneer buildings and an archeological dig.

This place is a rare combination of an indoor and outdoor museum that is peaceful, relaxing, educational and inspirational.
You can take a guided walking tour, a tram tour (open air vehicles like oversized golf carts that carry about 10 people - for those who would have difficulty walking), or you can just take your own self-guided tour. We chose self-guided, because, well, because we are independent-minded free spirits who like to move at our own pace. They give you a map and it's very easy to find your way - the trails are wide and every intersection is marked with clear signs. The whole trail is only about a mile and half - a very pleasant and easy stroll.
During the holidays, the buildings are decorated for Christmas and the thick foliage along the trails is strung with lights for evening events . We went on Saturday morning, but I can imagine that it's just magical walking those trails lit with twinkling lights at night.
Come along with us and check the place out:
Starting up the trail through dense foliage

First stop: Mary's Chapel
The chapel fell into disrepair and had to be reconstructed in 1986,
but it still has that pioneer feeling to it. And, there is a pioneer cemetery just outside.

Inside the chapel, decorated for Christmas.
Many weddings are held here at the chapel, and I can see why!

The trail continues, bringing us into the light as we come alongside the bay

It was chilly, which was perfect for a morning walk - made it feel like the holidays!
RVPainter enjoying the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the setting

That's me

The trail continues over a footbridge


Guptill House - a pioneer home in a spectacular setting

Giant, old trees dripping with Spanish Moss

It's winter, so there aren't a lot of things in bloom, but still there were a few:

A beautiful setting for garden parties or weddings. Part of the Palmer estate - the Palmers were a wealthy family that owned the land for a period of time. This portico was built a little before 1920. Can't you just see a crowd of socialites having a garden party here?

Mrs. Palmer's spectacular sunken garden - another popular wedding spot.

The biggest lily we've ever seen!


A close-up, in case you didn't believe us.

Not shown here is the remarkable archeological dig. At the exhibit called "Window to the Past," you'll go inside a building to see an actual hillside that is made from shells and earth that have congealed to form a solid wall. It's called a "midden" and it's actually a kind of prehistoric landfill - which for modern day archeologists is a treasure-trove of information! If you want to learn about the lives of a people, study their trash!! The site dates to indigenous people who lived here during the Late Archaic Period - 5900 to 3200 years ago!! There is a video that shows what life was like for these early residents, as well as what archeologists have discovered at the site and learned from their discoveries.

There's lots more to know, but that's why you need to go yourself and check it out.

The price of admission is very reasonable: Adults $12; Seniors $10; Children 5-12 $5, Under 5, Free. Members Free.

Here is a link where you can learn more:  SPANISH POINT


Fort Pickens State Park, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, Florida

We had heard that Fort Pickens State Park was one of the best campgrounds anywhere, and we weren't disappointed. The beach is the most beautiful we've ever seen, with sand like white sugar. It almost looks like snow - in fact they have to plow the road when the sand blows across it, just as if it were snow. The campground has a few sections and you can get a nice site if you plan ahead and get lucky with your pick. The best way to reserve is online through the Reserve America website.

The Fort itself is at the end of the road. You can tour it and there is a lot of open space where the kids can run around the ramparts.

When we were there, the Blue Angels gave us a free air show every morning when they practiced. That was so cool. We also visited the Naval Air Musuem over at the Naval Air Base, which was very interesting. Here I am flying the plane...

To get to the campground, you go through Gulf Breeze, which is another delight. It's like a little Caribbean tourist town, with hotels, store, restaurants and nice beach houses - very upscale. It's great to be at the campground and feel like you are far away from the world, but still be just five minutes from this classy little town with food and fun. We especially liked the Crab House, which is right on the beach and has lobster macaroni and cheese (!!!!),  and Hemingway's - where we went for their weekly $1 Fish Taco Special on Wednesdays! Dick ordered five of them! And they weren't small either!

Because Dick has a National Park Senior Pass, our nightly stay at Fort Pickens was only $10. Can't beat that! I mean - LOOK:

Nashville, Tennessee

We spent a week in Nashville, Tennessee and had a ball. In fact, it wasn't long enough and we look forward to going back sometime soon.

We went to the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry, as well as the Ryman Auditorium (the original Grand Ole Opry) and wandered around downtown for a bit.

The Country Music Hall of Fame was really interesting and lots of fun.

This is inside the Grand Ole Opry hotel - that place is HUGE!

This is INSIDE the hotel! It actually reminded us of the Riverwalk in San Antonio

RVPainter outside the Grand Ole Opry

Johnny Cash's boots - at the Ryman

Inside the Ryman Auditorium - they are setting up the stage for tonight's show with Mary Chapin Carpenter

Down on Broadway

and more

BB King's restaurant and club

RVPainter enjoying ribs at Martin's BBQ in Nolensville

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Mahone Bay is a sweet little town about 30 minutes south? west? - it's hard to tell on this piece of land - of Hubbard's Cove, Nova Scotia

View of Mahone Bay as you come upon it from the east

One of three churches in a row on the main street

RVPainter waiting for his grilled sausage at the Farmer's Market


Shop with fabric and hand-hooked rugs. Suttles are pieces of fabric saved from something old

That's RVPainter at the Farmer's Market

A view of the bay from the town

Sweet architecture - lots of French influence

Houses are colorfully painted here

I just liked this

Hubbard's Cove, Nova Scotia

Hubbards is about 30 minutes south of Halifax on the Atlantic side of Nova Scotia. Hubbard's Cove is quite pretty, and this is a good launching point for visiting much of the South Shore. You can see that Hubbards itself, like the rest of Nova Scotia, is quite lovely. Enjoy!

RVPainter relaxing in our "secret spot" - the community park and boat launch across the harbor from our campground.

Our secret park

Colorful inn and restaurant on the road to the campground - we sat on their lawn to watch a free concert and fireworks on Canada Day

Most of the churches here look like this. This one is particularly gothic - so much so that it has been used in a Canadian TV show called The Haven that is written or produced or something, by Stephen King. They were shooting the show here when we first arrived.

From Bishop's Park, across from the church, at the head of Hubbard's Cove