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Happy Trails!

Hubbard's Cove, Nova Scotia

Hubbards is about 30 minutes south of Halifax on the Atlantic side of Nova Scotia. Hubbard's Cove is quite pretty, and this is a good launching point for visiting much of the South Shore. You can see that Hubbards itself, like the rest of Nova Scotia, is quite lovely. Enjoy!

RVPainter relaxing in our "secret spot" - the community park and boat launch across the harbor from our campground.

Our secret park

Colorful inn and restaurant on the road to the campground - we sat on their lawn to watch a free concert and fireworks on Canada Day

Most of the churches here look like this. This one is particularly gothic - so much so that it has been used in a Canadian TV show called The Haven that is written or produced or something, by Stephen King. They were shooting the show here when we first arrived.

From Bishop's Park, across from the church, at the head of Hubbard's Cove

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