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Post from May 2012: Five Things That RV Life has Taught Me about Life in General

This road trip - which is really our "way of life" now, has been a huge learning experience. There are all the technical things to learn about the RV, of course, and then there's the part where you learn to change your mindset about what "daily life" looks and feels like.

Today, I'm listing five things that living "on the road" has taught me so far - things that I think are applicable to life in general!

5.  It always takes longer to get there than you think it will
(Especially in an RV, which you keep to around 50 - 55 mph, and if you have to go through a major city -Yikes!)

4.  The things you think will be easy end up being problems and the things you think will be problems turn out to be no big deal.
(The automatic hydraulic leveling system that should be "push-a-button-easy" has been nothing but trouble, and our GPS crapped out on us halfway through Texas. On the other hand, everyone warms you how yukky emptying the "black water" tank will be, but it's a piece of cake).

3.  You can never have enough bungi cords
(No explanation needed :)

2.  Some days are good, others ... not so much (or:Life on the road is really no different than "normal" life).
Some days are great - the weather is good, the road is smooth, you don't get lost, the levelers work, and you get to sit on a beach with sand like sugar. Other days, the road is bumpy, there's construction and traffic, the GPS takes you the wrong way (or dies) and you sleep in an RV Park along I-40 in Nowhere, Texas that makes you feel like you're in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

1.  It's not about "everything going perfectly and smoothly" all the time. It's about the kindness of people who help you out when things go wrong. 
I'm thinking about Connie, the park ranger at Palmetto Island who called ahead to Jim's Tire Repair for us; the folks at Jim's who fixed up our tire for $15 and gave us directions; the several people who gave us directions when I got us lost in Savannah; My friend Maggy who's been moral support; All my friends who've weighed in with supportive comments along the way.

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