We are travelers and travel bloggers. Here at this blog, we'll tell you about places we've been that we think will be of interest to other travelers. Whether on the road in our RV, taking a non-RV vacation or simply investigating our local surroundings, we are constantly discovering new places and things to do, and we love sharing those discoveries with you.

Happy Trails!


Our book, Tips for New RVers: Catchin' the Dream will be out this fall.

When we got the RVing bug, we were total Newbies. We'd never had an RV, a camper, or even a tent for that matter! So we started to educate ourselves and found that there was a ton of great information out there about RVing from a variety of sources. In fact, there was SO much that we felt completely overwhelmed. We found ourselves getting bogged down with detailed technical information that we weren't ready for and couldn't absorb, when what we really needed was a an overview and some general information to give us an idea of what to expect out on the road. So, now that we are experienced RVers who have lived and traveled full-time in our motorhome, we decided to write the book that we would have liked to read when we were starting out.

Our book is targeted to new, inexperienced and potential RVers. It's meant to give readers an overview and answer a variety of basic questions about RV life. The idea is to help you get your feet wet before you dive into the deep water. We also hope you'll be entertained and maybe even chuckle a time or two!

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