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Happy Trails!

A is for ACADIA and for "ASSESS"

A is for Acadia National Park, which was a favorite stop in our RV travels. We stayed at Timberland Acres campground in Trenton, Maine, which is about 10 miles from the entrance to Acadia. It was a great campground - nice and open with good level spaces. It had good laundry facilities and was close to grocery stores and of course, the national park. The folks at Timberland were very friendly and helpful. We highly recommend this campground.

Below are some pictures from Acadia National Park, which is located on Mt. Desert Island. It's Downeast Maine at its best, with miles of rocky coastline and charming villages set on gorgeous harbors.

But first, here is our "A" RV TIP for new RVers:

TIP: When arriving at the campground, make sure you ASSESS your campsite before driving in. Check to make sure it is reasonably level and clear of debris. Also notice on which side your sewer, water and electrical hook-ups are, so that you can be sure to orient your RV properly for hooking up to utilities. There are a lot more tips about what to do when you get to the campground (and how to do it) in our book, Tips for New RVers: Catchin' the Dream.

Okay, now for glorious Acadia National Park!

Miles and miles of spectacular rocky coastline

The four-masted schooner Mary Todd, which offers several tours a day of beautiful Bar Harbor.

Harbor walkway in Bar Harbor

The harbor of one of the little villages on Mt. Desert Island - I forget which one!

Oh yeah, that's good Downeast food!! This was at Stewman's which is in Bar Harbor. You can eat outdoors with a great view of the harbor, and the food never let us down!

At Schoodic Point - a different part of Acadia that is well worth the half hour drive

Bass Harbor Light - one of the most famous and most photographed lighthouses in the U.S.

That's our Dreamcatcher RV, happily at home in her spot at Timberland RV Park

That's us at the top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on Mt. Desert Island and an easy uphill drive.

That's us again, enjoying our outing on the Mary Todd


  1. Hi, I'm here for A to Z. My friends named their daughter Acadia after this park. Now I see how beautiful it is. Great pictures.

    1. Hi Shonna. Acadia is spectacular! You can show her the beauty she is named for!

  2. I'm so excited to read your blog being a newbie RV'r! Mine is a bit smaller, but it is very comfy and looking at your spots, I am going to be taking notes. Do you dingy tow another vehicle? Just curious.
    As I See It Daily

    1. Hi Katy. Our tow vehicle is a Honda Fit - a nice small compact car. We chose it for its towing ability. We have a chapter in our book about towing and hooking up a tow vehicle. I think that if you can, it's nice to have a tow vehicle because even with smaller RVs it is sometimes tricky to maneuver in towns and shopping centers if you need to go shopping. And, you always have to unhook and then hook back up to sewer, water and electrical if you are always using the RV to go do your errands. It's not hard to hook up a tow car and you forget it's even there.

  3. Hi from Australia. We are also campers although not RVers. They aren't as common in Australia. We have a camper trailer... a tent on a trailer so to speak. We recently spent 9 weeks travelling along the East Coast of Australia and then around to Adelaide and up to Flinders Ranges Nat Park. We really enjoyed it and now my husband is retired hope to do more. You pictures are beautiful. We prefer to go to Natural places a bit off the beaten track. We will have to put Maine on it should we get back to the USA. We had a couple of weeks in an RV back in 2006. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. I'm a fellow A-Zer too

    1. Acadia is great because it is a fairly small National Park and you can have that off the beaten track experience (there is a lot of wilderness in Maine) but you can also go into town for an ice cream or pizza and watch the boats in the harbor! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello - your travels sound wonderful.


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