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B is for BAIE ST. PAUL and "Bring in the Awnings"

We love Quebec, Canada and have been there a number of times. One of our favorite places is a village called Baie St. Paul, which is in Charlesvoix, along the St. Lawrence River.

Baie St. Paul is charming and quaint, filled with galleries galore, restaurants and charming shops. It's about 40 minutes from Quebec City heading east. We stayed at an RV Park on Ile d'Orleans which is between Quebec City and Charlesvoix, but we'll tell you more about that in our "I" post.

Below are some pictures, but first, our "B" RV TIP:

TIP: Be sure to BRING IN YOUR AWNING before driving off in your RV! That may sound silly and obvious to you, but we've seen people drive off with the awning out, and you don't want to be That Guy!! This is just one step in the Incredibly Thorough and Helpful Departure Checklist that we've included in the chapter "Departing the Campground" in our book.

Now for beautiful Baie St. Paul:

A bicycle is used to create a lovely porch decoration at a cottage on the main street of Baie St. Paul

A painting in the classic Quebecois style - so full of life and capturing the beauty and joy of the Quebec landscape

RVPainter at a an outdoor cafe in the center of town

Most of the homes, cottages, stores and galleries in Baie St. Paul look like this - with mansard roofs and sweet front porches

An artist painting Plein Aire on a side street

More art...art is everywhere in Baie St. Paul!


  1. Ahhh, the first time I drove off with my RV I knew I clipped a tree. When it was time to bring OUT the awning, I had my own forest. LOL! I have a check list now to keep me in check :) What beautiful paintings here!

    As I See It Daily

    1. That cracked me up! My C post is Charleston NC and "Checklist" - gotta have one - or several!

  2. I have been to Quebec. Montreal old town was awesome. We went way up into Nunavik which is featured in my N post. I love your pics. Makes me want to visit again.

    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

    1. We couldn't love Quebec more! I will make sure to stop by for your N post. Thanks for coming by and saying hello.


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