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Happy Trails!

H is for Halifax

We spent a month at a campground in Hubbard's Cove, Nova Scotia, which is about an hour south of Halifax. Halifax is a WONDERFUL small city - we LOVED it!

For a small city, Halifax offers LOTS to do:

See the Tall Ships swoop in and stay for several days every July. You can even board or take a ride on some of them:

The BOUNTY  - from Mutiny on the Bounty. Sadly, the ship was lost at sea later that summer, during Superstorm Sandy.

That's Melissa with her new boyfriends!

Go to the CITADEL where they do lots of drills and performances. It sits on hill overlooking the city. This was great fun - kids and adults alike will love it:

Looks like Melissa found another boyfriend at the Citadel...

Take a boat tour of the harbor:

Walk the waterfront. A long wharf spans the waterfront downtown. You can walk it from end to end. At one end is a large building with shops and food. All along the way are shops, open air vendors and restaurants.  A must-see is the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, right in the heart of the waterfront district. At the far end of the wharf is a casino - in case you are feeling lucky!

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