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Happy Trails!

I is for Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

Old Quebec City is our favorite city - we call it Our Paris. Just east of the city is a small island in the Saint Lawrence River called Ile d'Orleans. It is a magical place that feels like you have stepped back in time. We stayed at Camping Orleans in Saint Francois for two weeks.

The island is peppered with farms. In summer you'll be buying bluettes (blueberries) and framboise (raspberries) from farm stands along side the road. In fall you'll buy apples or pick your own. There is a Chocolaterie (chocolate shop) and a Fromagerie (cheese shop), as well as a few galleries, restaurants and shops. There are also several beautiful churches in the villages - well worth going inside to see.

You just drive a circle around the circumference of the island and you'll come to just about everything there is to offer. And, you'll go through charming villages and pass spectacular vistas down to the river.

Here you go!

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