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Happy Trails!

U is for Umbrella

When we went to England and Wales in 2012, we expected to encounter rain. But we were fortunate - in the 14 days we were there, it only rained once!! And my friend who lives in Bath said that it had rained endlessly for weeks BEFORE we arrived and it rained endlessly for weeks AFTER we left.

Our first full day in London, we hopped on the Hop On Hop Off Bus and hopped on and off a lot! But the day it rained, we hopped on the Hop On Hop Off bus, and just never hopped off! Instead, we took a second tour of the city and just looked out the bus windows. We got to see a lot that way and got a better sense of where things than we did on the first go-round. It was warm and cozy on the bus (inside of course, not up on the roof deck) and it turned out to be a delightful afternoon.

So we carried our umbrellas all the way to England, but only used them once!

And we know you won't believe us, so here is the proof!

London and the sun is shining for our first ride on the Hop On Hop Off bus

The sun is still shining at the Tower of London

And now we're at Stonehenge - it's not bright sunshine, but it's not raining!

We're in Bath and YES, the sun is shining!

On to Liverpool... yup, more sunshine!

Last stop before our return to London - Beaumaris, Wales. Glorious sunshine over the Menai Strait.

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