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Happy Trails!

N is for Nova Scotia

So with our L and M posts, we took you to Lunenberg and Mahone Bay, two charming towns in Nova Scotia. With H we showed you Halifax. And today, we're just putting together a montage of photographs from all around the southeastern part of Nova Scotia, where we stayed for a month in our RV.

Nova Scotia has a beautiful rocky coastline similar to that of Maine. It's dotted with charming towns all along the southern coast. Scenery is spectacular, food is wonderful and the people are friendly and kind. We simply LOVE Nova Scotia!

See for yourself how lovely it is:

Near Peggy's Cove:

Tall Ships in Halifax harbor:

Charming architecture in the towns - I think this is either Lunenberg or Chester

Sweet touches

The Dauphine Inn in Hubbard's Cove

Gothic churches:

Mahone Bay

Peggy's Cove"


  1. One of the great things about the #Challenge is finding a new blog like yours. Wonderful photographs to support your theme. I don't have any RV experience, but I love to travel. Thanks for the visit to Nova Scotia. My N letter takes you to Italy. Come and see me if you have time.

    1. Hi Stepheny - thanks for the note. I'll pop over to visit you!


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