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R is for Riverwalk

We love San Antonio, Texas and the Riverwalk of course is a main attraction. But check out our J is for Japanese Tea Room post too - that's another must see when in the area.
And of course the Alamo and the missions....but today R is for Riverwalk, so here you go:


  1. It's so colorful. I would love taking photos of the river walk.

    1. It is - really pretty with the umbrellas reflecting in the water.

  2. We just sold our RV so we could afford to travel overseas, but we had and enjoyed it for about 6 years. It was such a great experience. We did do the Riverwalk and the Alamo once. You have some beautiful photos.

    Stop by my A-Z blog when you have a chance at bobsanchez1.blogspot.com, please.


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