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Happy Trails!

M is for Mahone Bay

With L, M, N and P posts, we have a chance to show you some of the wonderful places we visited during our extended stay in Nova Scotia.

Yesterday we showed you Lunenberg, a port town that is famous for its sailing ship, the Bluenose II, as well as for just being quaint and charming.

Today, we take you to Mahone Bay, which, for us, rivals Peggy's Cove for our favorite town.

Mahone Bay the town is located on Mahone Bay, the bay. Like all the Nova Scotia towns we visited, it has a charming center with shops, galleries and restaurants. It also had a great little bakery and on Tuesdays, a Farmer's Market in the lot across the street.

One of several churches along the main street. The Anglican churches in Nova Scotia are all very gothic looking.

Our favorite day - Tuesdays brings the open air Farmer's Market to town. That's RVPainter center left.


Really, it just doesn't get much prettier or more charming than Nova Scotia. Can't wait to go back!


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