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C is for Charleston and "Checklist"

We spent a week at the Oak Plantation Campground just outside of Charleston, SC. It was a nice campground with good level sites that weren't too close together.  We were there in mid-May and it wasn't very crowded. Weather in May was pretty warm already though, but there are a lot of fountains along the waterfront in town and you'll see a picture of me splashing around in one to cool off below.

But first, here is our "C" RV TIP: C is for CHECKLIST
It's wise to create checklists for various aspects of RVing - especially those relating to arriving at and departing from the campground. But it's good to have them for things like hooking up and unhooking your tow vehicle and even for things like dumping your waste. In our book, Tips for New RVers: Catchin' the Dream, we provide thorough checklists for arrival and departure. 

Okay, now Charleston, SC!:

Charleston is a beautiful small city, old, gracious, charming, elegant and easy to navigate. We loved the downtown area with its galleries, shops, restaurants, graceful architecture painted in pretty pastels and beautiful, walk-able waterfront. Our campground was nicely located relative to the the beautiful public beach at the entrance to Kaiwah Island and a quick ride into the city. We also visited Magnolia House - a former plantation with beautiful gardens and grounds. We took the boat ride over to Fort Sumter, where the first shots were fired that began the Civil War. 

Charleston is one of our favorite stops and we can't wait to go back. 

Here are some photographs from around the city:

Some photos from Magnolia Plantation:

Here's Dick about to enjoy his birthday lunch at Magnolia's:

And here are a couple of pics from Fort Sumter:


  1. How fun - I randomly picked your blog from the A to Z challenge list only to discover that your RVers! We're currently living in our 13' Scamp travel trailer, so I'm looking forward to following your A to Z adventures! Cheers - Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen - What a great coincidence! Nice to connect with you. 13' - boy that's cozy!!

  2. Oh, your photos are beautiful. We spent one night of our honeymoon in Charleston, and I remember some of the sights you've illustrated here.

    Visiting from a to z blog challenge.


  3. Charleston looks stunning! Did you do the charleston when you were in Charleston? I would have! Great blog, thank you for sharing! (visited from the #AtoZChallenge).

    1. LOL - I'm sure I did, because, well, who wouldn't?? Thanks for stopping by :)


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