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X is for Xyst

Okay, so X is one of the hardest words to do in the A to Z Challenge, especially if you are trying to stick with your theme! Our theme is things related to places we've visited in our RV, or other RV related stuff....

So we found the word Xyst, which  means: A covered garden walk or a walk lined with trees....

We stayed for a week in a campground near Charleston, South Carolina, and while we were there, we visited Magnolia Plantation where we saw this:

And this:

And this:

And then in San Antonio, TX, we went to the Japanese Tea Garden, where we saw this:

And this:

So I think we got this X thing covered, don't you???


  1. Xyst is a new word to me but one with a meaning that I can appreciate when you can see the walks it can bring.


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